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RE: Friday Eve’s Embrace – diving more into the book I mentioned on Thursday, (here’s the link btw Tarot Spreads: Layouts & Techniques… ) I figured I’d give one of the more complex layouts a try and see how it felt. The feel of it was good, so I’m going to share it on here – without too much personal detail behind the question(s).


Here’s the overall layout – the basic premise behind this is that You are represented by the card in position 1, 2-6 are the Advisers, and 7-11 is there advice. The temperament of the Adviser card colors the Advice card – along with the card that represents you.

In other words pay attention to WHO is giving the advice, and to HOW you’re receiving it.

Now for the draw (I had to pull out my keyboard tray because I ran out of desk room real quick).


11 cards, and only two a non-face cards – which makes sense in this case, the advice I requested is pretty central and important to me, so I was expecting/hoping for a heavy response in return.

Given the size of this draw – especially since I’m normally breaking down a mere three cards – I’ll chunk it in detail and then give an overall at the end. Strap in folks. ❤

                Position 1:


The Lovers card is in the number 1 spot. It’s the card representing me, and as such this is what colors MY perception of the Advisers and the advice they provide.

The Lovers card is heart and passion, but it’s also the Hard Choice™ card. Hard choices aren’t always big choices, hard choices are often removed from Logic and are grounded in emotions – that’s part of what makes them hard choices even when they’re in the midst of good situations.

Logically, I cannot do everything I want to do, but emotionally I’m attached to all my ideas and want to try and fit all of them into my schedule. I’m literally doing this spread as a way to get some outside input, and this card is saying I need to do exactly that. I am passionate about these things, and there’s no clear Easy Choice ahead of me. Now’s the time to weigh the pros and cons and focus forward based on that input.

                Position 2 & 7:


Position 2 is The Queen of Wands (The Adviser) and Position 7 is The Empress (The Advice). Choice 1 is nearest and dearest to my heart, so it was nice to see cards I automatically interpret as positive showing up.

The Queen of Wands understands and wields her personal power with charm and grace. She’s not self-centered, but draws strength and confidence from her will to push others to greater heights. She does so with the best of intentions, but also with complete disregard to their anxieties.

The Empress is abundance and prosperity – though as anyone who has ever needed to declutter or even lose weight can tell you – sometimes these are not good things. Abundance requires attention, nurturing, and love if it is going to continue to grow.

Take-a-way – The Queen of Wands wants nothing more than to shove me into the deep end on this choice. It’s good, and good for me, but her advice is restraint on her part, warning that it’s so abundant it would require a massive investment in time and ability. There is no half-assing things with this pair, or they’ll turn upside down and there’ll be tears everywhere.

                Position 3 & 8:


The next Adviser is the Four of Coins, and his Advice is Temperance. I couldn’t recall ever having seen the four of coins before now, so I didn’t know what to expect going in. He looks pretty at ease, and Temperance was the advice, so even if the Four of Coins wasn’t the best card, the advice was (maybe) solid.

The Four of Coins cautions budgeting – of time, money, energy. Things need to flow, most assuredly, but there are times in life when we need to pull things in and reserve what we can. It is not the idea to miser these things for forever, but to stockpile a bit before resuming normal flow.

Temperance is balance – not a perfect 50/50 kind of balance, but the right mix of pieces and parts that balance against whatever you’re dealing with. It’s grace under fire. It’s the right mix of logic and intuition.

Take-a-way – There’s gold in them there hills, and I should go for it – just… not right now. I need to pull things in and have plenty of excess available to field other obligations before moving forward with this choice.

                Position 4 & 9:


The 3rd Adviser is The Sun \o/ The Sun is awesome! It’s always bright and warm and full of positivity! Except… well… its Advice is the Eight of Swords.
Oh dear.

The Sun is – as mentioned – a straight forward card. It’s a time of pure joy, happiness, and clarity. Goodness abounds and life is meant to be enjoyed. Have fun – party well – there aren’t any dark clouds on the horizon or killer clowns in the shadows.

The Eight of Swords is peril. Bound, surrounded by swords, and blindfolded, it seems an impossible task to escape the situation you find yourself in. However, staying there motionless and doing nothing but dwelling on things only makes it worse. Your mind can exacerbate the situation to monumental heights (mole hill to mountain, as they say), and it’s best to try looking at the situation differently before moving forward.

Take-a-way – Choice #3 is solid, the Sun’s behind it and things are full of joy, but I’m looking at it the wrong way and if I don’t change my current point of view regarding it then I’ll find myself in a dark, ugly, perilous situation.

                Position 5 & 10:


Adviser number 4 is Judgement (that’s heavy.) and their advice is The King of Swords.

Judgement – despite the name of the card – isn’t about being judged, at least not by other people. It’s more about heeding the call and rising to the larger task or joy that your very soul is crying out for. (Like being called up to Heaven on Judgement Day). The trumpets are sounding and now is the best time to take that leap of faith.

The King of Swords – Swords are wit, logic, and reason – there’s little room for emotion and fancy in this suit and the King is no exception. He does his best to make informed, rational decisions for the betterment of the masses, though rarely does he factor in emotions and sensitivity. He can be nerve-wrackingly quiet because he will gather ALL the facts before speaking on a subject or taking action on a matter.

Take-a-way – Judgement speaks with a clear glorious voice and calls you toward this choice, her advice is to be sure to approach it rationally – there’s likely enough emotion in the option itself and there’s little need to add more. Make sure your ducks are in a row and that your squirrels aren’t off at a rave before moving forward.

                Position 6 & 11:


The final Adviser is the Knight of Swords, and his Advice is Justice. (Seems thematically appropriate for a Knight to advise Justice.)

The Knight of Swords is committed to the Truth™ – more pointedly, the Truth as HE understands it. Like the other knights he’s focused and driven by this “undeniable” truth and uses logic and words to support his agenda. He could be amazingly on point, or woefully misinformed – the responsibility rests in being sure he is Fully Informed before moving forward.

Justice assures you that people are getting what they deserve. Be careful though, because it might not be what you think they deserve (or what you think you deserve). While human-based justice may be flawed and capricious, natural – or Worldly – Justice is much larger (if not more subtle) creature.

Take-a-way – of the options I presented, this was essentially the “No Change” option. Stay the course, don’t pick up something else, etc. It seems the Knight’s Truth™ for me is to understand that the path I choose is Just, and that I will reap what sow with it – assuming I manage to stay on track and follow through.

                All Together Now:

A recurring theme in most of the advice presented is “Hold on a minute.”

Which is, in and of itself, good advice. There’s a LOT going on in my life right now. I’m studying Japanese, I’m in line for a promotion at work, I’ve got a weekly webcomic ( Check it out if you want ), and there’s a wedding on the horizon. Like, a full – crap – 6 weeks away FROM TODAY (OMFG).

The aggravating part is that none of these pairs warn me away from a choice – when you connect the advice to the adviser and take into consideration the raw passion and Hey Yeah This Isn’t an EASY Choice of the Lovers Card – all the advice provided is positive.

But positive in Different ways.

Path #1 (2 & 7) is a project I’ve mulled over in my head since I was literally like 8 years old. I know it backwards and forwards, but it’s a massive story and I need to be able to do it 100% Properly or not at all. It will require dedication.

Path #2 (3 &8) would be large and unwieldy – I’d actually need to take almost a month off just to make sure I planned it out correctly before diving into it. It’d be years of investing, but the outcome would be really fun.

Path #3 (4 &9) is a project I’m going to have to completely re-think before I get back to it. In this case I think I might need to go back to an original concept for it, vs what it was starting to turn into. Some ideas you can mash into other ideas and have something good – some ideas really just need to breath on their own.

Path #4 (5 & 10) is something I dabbled with in College. I’m a little reluctant to write Yet Another Male Protagonist story, but I’m not sure the male IS the protagonist of this particular project, and those’re some of the ducks I need to get in a row before moving forward with it.

Whew, almost 1,700 words, I’m beat!

~ Quin

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