Afternoon Tarot: RWS 0

A Fool’s Journey

The Fool’s journey begins.

It is, itself, Beginning.

The Fool, despite the very name of the card, is not an idiot. There is some ignorance – the Fool has not yet learned the lessons of life, there are no scars on their flesh, no pains in their heart. The see things as they are and delight in the beauty of the world.

The Fool is often depicted as getting ready to walk off a cliff – What an Idiot! We think to ourselves, because what fool travels around without minding their steps?

But it is not a fatal fall that greets the Fool at the bottom of the precipice, it is a lesson – perhaps a painful one, perhaps there is a bed of leaves or a cartoonishly giant pillow out of sight. But both the Fool and their traveling companion (be it a dog or otherwise) will walk away from the lesson with laughter in their throats and joy in their hearts.

The Fool is the one who told the Emperor he wasn’t wearing any clothes. The Fool is the one who will return covered in bee stings holding a bite of honey to help sweeten the day of the random person they saw while traveling.

There is growth, love, curiosity, joy and learning wrapped in the arms of the Fool. When the Fool appears in a reading it is usually the jovial voice of your heart telling you to take that leap. That it may look scary, it may change things, it may be BIG, but it’ll be a great beginning – it’ll be a good journey to start.


The Fool inverted is an asshole. He’s the bastard that tells you its safe to touch the stove even though he knows it was just recently turned off and he’ll cackle madly when you get hurt. This is the moron who will hand you a metal knife to try and remove stuck toast from a toaster.

This is willful ignorance and probably the star of the TV show Jackass. Pump your breaks and take a good look around when this jerk shows up in a reading – make sure the leap you take (or don’t) isn’t going to result in a trip to the hospital for burn wounds.

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