A Rune Awakening: Elder Futhark – Fehu

Fehu – Poems

All poems, despite their origins, will only be provided in English. It’s someone else’s translation as I’m barely bilingual and that second language isn’t Indo-European in origin at all.

If you don’t have interest in the poems you can skip down the next section where we discuss the rune in a reading setting.

You’ll notice as more of these are posted that the Anglo-Saxon poems all have a pretty heavy Christian bend to them, but out of all the versions of the poems, they’re usually the most clear.

Wealth be by all very much welcomed;
Each man shall deal it out freely,
If he will from the Lord get approval.

Wealth causes trouble among relatives;
The wolf is raised in the forest.

Wealth is trouble among relatives
and fire of the sea
and path of the serpent.

The basic idea through all the poems is essentially that wealth itself isn’t bad – sharing it is the best, and making sure there’s nothing to cause your family to fight over when you’re gone is wise. The wealth referenced though, isn’t purely the monetary kind – personal growth and love are tied into this rune as well.

It’s also a solid rune for helping things to grow – from plants, to creative ideas. 

Fehu – Reading

In readings Fehu is a sign of productivity – be it creatively artistically or spiritually. It’s also a sign of productivity in terms of fertility, an improvement in wealth or health. Be mindful not to hoard the productivity that comes into your life with this rune or it could turn sour.
Also be mindful of what kind of productivity you’re dealing with as well – you may be hoping your bank account swells only to have your family expand or pet have a litter. Or if you’re a gardener maybe you end up with an impressive surplus of tomatoes.

After all, Fehu is wealth – cattle – but wealth is to be shared, hoarding results in tragedy in most all Norse stories. 

When surrounded by runes that warn of caution Fehu could be a reason to conserve what you have. Whatever else is going on it’s best to move slowly – don’t waste energy or money, and mind your words to avoid causing issues within your family or loves.

I don’t work with inverted or face down runes often – sometimes, if the feeling hits my gut, I will, but as a general rule I don’t. That said, inverted Fehu is likely a warning to move away from hoarding – not necessarily monetary wealth alone either. It could be a notice to be more open, more honest with your emotions or creativity.

In Relation To…

Since this is the beginning of this series I don’t have anything here currently. However as we cover more and more runes I’ll reference back to Fehu and others when they have synergy with specific runes or how they can affect one another in a reading.

Do make sure to notice how all the runes land – not just in relation to one another, but in relation to you as the reader. If your casting mat has certain areas for certain things let those meanings guide how you interpret the rune itself.

In a more central location it could be something internal to the querent, but if it’s further out it could be something they should strive for – or something headed their way. Make sure you’ve got a good idea of what the areas of your casting mat represent – the runes will work with you. It’s easier for them to know where to land when you’re sure about what the space(s) mean.

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