Afternoon Tarot: RWS 1

Magical Magician

As above, so below.

The Magician is the reminder that magic lives in all of us, and in all things. The tools of the trade are always presented with the Magician, but there is also the knowledge that the chalice was a cupped hand, the first wand an extended finger (probably not *that* finger), the first pentacle an open hand – the first sword a stone dagger – or one mightily impressive fingernail. (Hey, if you have a fingernail that can cut into something I’m scared of you.)

Even now the items we use to focus our energies are made with our hands – the magic’s within us – the trappings help to focus the power we all posses.

Growth explodes around the Magician, the infinity symbols adorns him in some way – there is action in this card. Life and magic and wonder in abundance. The Magician is sure of herself and her items. Hours of work and research happen in the background so that what you see is a Magician sure of every step, every word.

This is the kind of energy when everything snaps into place. You’ve got this. It’s going to work – the effort will pay off, and success is around the corner. Don’t lean back and bask in the glory of it all, don’t lose that hard work that got you here – but don’t fear turning that final bend. You did the leg work, you did the digging and the labor, you got this. You can take those last few steps with assurance and calm.


Much like the Fool, the Magician inverted is a jerk. He’s all swag and no substance. He’s the peacock strutting in the room trying to convince you he knows everything when in reality he probably gets his water from a “Well, actually.”

He’s going to be that guy who pours on the charm and tries to get you to look the other way while he does something illegal.

Take a step back and re-assess things, make sure you actually did the work and didn’t just skim the cliff notes. Give credit where it’s due if someone else helped, and maybe change your passwords while you’re at it – just to be safe.

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