A Rune Awakening: Elder Futhark – Uruz

Uruz – Poems

All poems, despite their origins, will only be provided in English. It’s someone else’s translation as I’m barely bilingual and that second language isn’t Indo-European in origin at all.

If you don’t have interest in the poems you can skip down the next section where we discuss the rune in a reading setting.

You’ll notice as more of these are posted that the Anglo-Saxon poems all have a pretty heavy Christian bend to them, but out of all the versions of the poems, they’re usually the most clear.

Aurochs is fearless and greatly horned
A very fierce beast, it fights with its horns.
A famous roamer of the moor, it is a very courageous animal.

Slag comes from poor iron:
Often the reindeer runs over the hard-frozen snow.

Drizzle is weeping of the clouds
And destruction of the hay-harvest
and abhorrence of the herdsman.

The second two poems seem to have nothing to do with Uruz – or Aurochs – but keep in mind that the power and movement of energy associated with the Auroch isn’t something to be contained by herdsmen, or poor quality iron.

Uruz – Reading

Uruz is a movement or manifestation of energy – such as physical resources becoming available, spiritual energy that produces results, or the organization of chaos into usable patterns and structures. It’s primal, in comparison to Fehu – much like the differences between cattle and aurochs.

Depending on where it lands, Uruz can also reflect the health or protection of the subject. Or more pointedly the need to take an active role in such things. More vitamins to avoid getting sick, making sure your wards are in place and holding, etc.

Where Fehu comes up and nuzzles you – either to move to action or to circle the herd and protect yourself. On the other side Uruz pushes you along and moves you regardless of if you’re ready for it or not. Knocking you roughly out of harms way or pushing you along the path you need.

In Relation To…

Uruz and Fehu together in a reading can – in a positive light – mean and excess of energy and an abundance of drive. It would be wise to take care not to get carried away by this flood of positivity. Nothing’s more exhausting than reaching the end of a month long creativity push, training, exercising, etc. – and then find yourself completely burned out. 

Make sure to take time as needed to recuperate – even in times of abundance it’s important to get up, stretch, and do something else.

In a negative light these runes together are a good idea to pull in for a while. Plan things, write out ideas, outline stuff, but don’t commit to any time lines or end dates. Use this time to do a lot of self-care – nice hot baths, meditations, prayer, etc. Keep your energy close to the chest, and check your wards.

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