Afternoon Tarot: RWS 2

Heightened Priestess

Intuition for Moons.

The High Priestess is an unforgiving card. She sits straight-backed and in control. The moon at her feet and in her crown, vast spans of water behind her throne. She stares back into your soul and beckons you to look deeper within yourself.

For the Harry Potter fans out there, she’s like Professor McGonagall – there’s no need to fear her, but you need to respect her. She’s earned it and she’s certainly worth the courtesy.

The High Priestess knows what you’re capable of and will except nothing but your best. She expects you to approach her correctly, to heed her words directly and to only look behind the curtain if she allows you. She’s inner calm, balance, and focus – and these are things you need when she arrives in a reading.

The ugly truth may be hard to face, but it is in looking at these dark corners that you can illuminate the proper way to move forward and cope/deal with them as needed. This is not a Mother-card, there’s no mama bear vibe or nurturing guide hidden within this card. She’s more akin to the bird who kicks their young out of the nest and is sure they will fly.

She’s a translator, a soothsayer, a knower, and a powerful force. She brings about change, whether you’re prepared for it or not. While She can be a daunting and difficult card, she does reward hard work for its worth.


Inverted the High Priestess is less McGonagall and more Umbridge. She’s manipulative, sneaky, tricksy (doesn’t like the nasty Hobbitses). She’s out for her own agenda with no care for yours – cutting you off even when you are doing everything properly.

I don’t normally work with Inverted cards, but if you’re seeing this one pop up repeatedly inverted I’d take it as one of two warnings – either you’re being untrue to yourself and REALLY need to reevaluate some things, or there’s someone in your life trying to be proper and McGonagall-like, but they’re really just waiting for the prime moment to use you as a stepping stone for their own agenda.

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