Afternoon Tarot: RWS 3

Abundant Empress

Warm, nurturing, abundant.

The Empress is feminine power. She is fertility, love, abundance, and growth. She’s sensual, mothering, nurturing, and full of possibility.

She’s art and creativity, passion and life.

To quote Kitchen Table Tarot directly, she is “Isis, Tara, Brigid, and Changing Woman. She’s our Mother, she is the nurturer and the protector. The romantic and the lover. She is lush and loving. She is me. She is you, too.”

Emotion flows in the water behind her – not raging, but not still. Abundance surrounds her – life and food and comfort galore. She is calm and relaxed and still just positively GLOWING. This is the sisterhood energy, the feeling that lifts you up even when you’re down and helps you see how amazing you are.

Whether you are male, female, non-binary, gender fluid, or gender-queer.
Whether your sisterhood is made of female-identifying people or a collection of all kinds of humans.
She’s that kind of energy, and she has your back – she’s also more than happy to show you your own reserves of Empress Power so that you can cultivate passion/creativity/power/abundance/etc as you need/want.


The Empress inverted is the Mean Girls.

It’s obsession, smothering, controlling. Mother Gothel levels of insensitivity.

If the Empress shows up inverted in a reading, step back and review your actions. Make sure YOU’RE not being a Gothel, or Mean Girl. Make sure that passion isn’t souring into something that’s bad for you or the people around you.

It might mean you have a Mean Girl or Mother Gothel influencing you and smothering you, but trust me on this – check yourself First, then check your surroundings. (Other cards in the reading and/or where this card lands in a reading might help shed some light on things, of course.)

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