A Rune Awakening: Elder Futhark – Ansuz

Ansuz – Poems

All poems, despite their origins, will only be provided in English. It’s someone else’s translation as I’m barely bilingual and that second language isn’t Indo-European in origin at all.

If you don’t have interest in the poems you can skip down the next section where we discuss the rune in a reading setting.

You’ll notice as more of these are posted that the Anglo-Saxon poems all have a pretty heavy Christian bend to them, but out of all the versions of the poems, they’re usually the most clear.

Mouth is the chieftain of all speech
mainstay of wisdom, comfort to wise ones
for every noble earl hope and happiness.

River mouth is the way of most journeys:
but a scabbard of swords.

Ase is the olden-father (Odin)
Asgard’s chieftain
and the leader of Valholl

Words are attributed with great power in Norse Mythology. From the runes themselves, used in magic and divination and the passing of knowledge in general, to the ideology of choosing your words wisely. Wise words ought not be wasted on fools, poetic words can woo one’s love, well-considered words can do more good (or harm) than the sword.

Ansuz is the rune of words, of communication, and of Odin himself.

Ansuz – Reading

Dependent upon where it falls in a reading can give varied meaning to this rune. (And most other runes as well, if I’m being honest). Ansuz can reference strength of creativity, communication between people in a relationship (intimate or otherwise), and in a spiritual reading can even be referring to Odin himself.

Having Ansuz appear in a reading can be an indication that you’ll find it easier to express yourself. Whether that expression is having a conversation with your partner, coworker, boss, or even the characters in a work of fiction – the end result is that you’ll walk away with a better understanding.

It can also serve as a warning to mind your words as well. One can burn bridges with eloquent words just as easily as fire, so be sure your meaning and intent are aligning before you speak.

Ansuz can also be referencing a sort of Muse, a spark of inspiration from somewhere ethereal. Kind of an “Ah-ha!” moment (which I picturing happening because Odin’s clocked you over the head with a book or scroll).

In Relation To…

Ansuz and it’s love of communication, words, and creativity pairs well with Fehu and the creative abundance it provides. In a negative position these two together might be some serious Blockage, with both inspiration and focus mucked up.

Paired with Uruz it makes me think of those times when you’re furtively writing away and 3 hours later realize you still haven’t had breakfast and holy carp where did these 20,000 words come from?! It’s both a good thing, and an oh gods my back I haven’t twitched in three hours kind of bad thing. Just be careful you don’t get swept away by this powerfully primal pair.

Thurisaz and Ansuz together are, honestly, not something I’d want to be caught in the middle of. It’s great if they’re showing up in a manner that has them acting as protection or even guidance. But as motivation I’m not sure I could keep up with both of these at the same time! If they’re both showing up in a negative capacity I’d make sure and batten down the hatches big time.

Keep your head down at work, mind your words, maybe feign sickness and hide from things for a couple days? (I kid, kind of.) There’s a lot of energy and willpower behind these two and not only would I not want to be on either of their bad-sides, but I wouldn’t want to be in line of anything negative regarding their spheres either.

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