Afternoon Tarot: RWS 4

Exemplary Emperor

Calculating, aware, prepared.

A strong throne, a straight back – power practically hums from this dude. He’s the one making the hard calls, he’s the one putting his foot down and deciding the best course of action. He takes in every detail, weighs every fact – even takes some (not much) emotion into consideration.

He’s competent and professional – there’s a solution and he’s going to find it. It might not be the solution you were hoping for, and I wouldn’t expect it to be delivered covered in sugar, but it will be a functional solution.

The Emperor will uphold tradition, provide stability, common sense and authority. He reminds me a bit of Captain Picard from the Star Trek: The Next Generation series – more first season, when he’s not really warmed up to the entire crew.

Even in a positive position he can be a little over-bearing. Rather more My Way or the Highway than feels comfortable. Mind him, and don’t let his appearance shove you, or him, into unreasonable territory.


Inverted he becomes everything negative about domination and “masculine” energy. He’s the bully, the unreasonable boss, the racist, etc.

He’s the nitwit that knows the rules and sets the book on fire while screaming “Damn the man!” I might lose some readers for this, but inverted The Emperor is the moron who voted for Trump.

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