A Rune Awakening: Elder Futhark – Raidho

Raidho – Poems

All poems, despite their origins, will only be provided in English. It’s someone else’s translation as I’m barely bilingual and that second language isn’t Indo-European in origin at all.

If you don’t have interest in the poems you can skip down the next section where we discuss the rune in a reading setting.

You’ll notice as more of these are posted that the Anglo-Saxon poems all have a pretty heavy Christian bend to them, but out of all the versions of the poems, they’re usually the most clear.

Riding is in the hall for a warrior
soft, more strenuous when astride.
A great stallion pounding the long mile paths.

Riding is said to be worst for horses;
Regin forged the best sword.

Riding is joy of the rider
and a speedy journey,
and the labor of the horse.

The poems give props to the effort of the horse vs the ease provided to the rider in all three poems. Per the Anglo-Saxon poem however, riding is still preferred over lounging in the halls and becoming fat on food and drink.

Though it’s less about lazing around in the hall, and more about missing out on the knowledge, experience and adventure of travel.

Raidho – Reading

Raidho is travel – be it mode, intent, or direction.

Things are moving and grooving when this rune appears in a reading. Be it spiritually, physically, interpersonal, etc. Maybe you’re the one driving the wagon, or one of the ones along for the ride, but either way you should make sure you got what you need in your pack Baggins, ’cause you’re going on an adventure.

Unless it’s in a negative position, Raidho is generally going to refer to good change. Maybe not always easy change – adventuring isn’t something we’re all keen on – and even those of us who are still might not be up for it when it appears.

But mobility within the workplace is usually upward (and onward!) – unless Raidho is surrounded by a bunch of warnings and negativity. At which point I’d start job hunting, because your change might just be downsizing and not a promotion.

In Relation To…

Paired with pretty much any rune, Raidho is going to reference a journey, the means for journeying, or a change in direction of your current journey. What’s surrounding it will help you infer the nature of the journey, positive or negative and (hopefully) help you in how to prepare – or Accept it.

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