Afternoon Tarot: RWS 5

Library of the Hierophant

Intermediary, Teacher, Translator

The Hierophant stands in fancy robes, and the Important Hat, and addresses the people before him. While only two are visible, it’s inferred that a great many more are present. The keys of knowledge are crossed at his feet, but only the most daring and learned have a hope of snatching them away.

As the Intermediary the Hierophant is not apt to provide something for nothing. He worked for his knowledge and his place in the world, and he’ll not allow you to laze about. He’ll guide you and aide you, but he’ll also stand by and watch you get burned if you decide to be an idiot.

And honestly, he will probably burn you if you rest upon his laurels without progressing.

As the Teacher he’s there to pass his knowledge on to the next generation of dedicated peoples. Be that dedication religious, academic, artistic, etc. As long as your heart and soul are into it, he’s there to help – with maybe only a small trick or two.

As the Translator he compiles mountains of information, testing and validating what does and doesn’t work and putting forth the proper results. Much like a programmer or data analyst – mountains of 1s and 0s, sheets of raw data, compiled down to concepts and ideas more readily consumed by the minds of students still growing into their understanding.

The Hierophant is the gateway toward your most authentic self. Through extra education, dedication, or even a swift kick in the ass to get you moving, he’s the voice that tells you the water has stagnated and it’s time to accept moving on.

He can also be a call to your role as Teacher/Guide/etc. For often times we feel uneducated in a Thing, and are reluctant to teach others, when in fact we are educated well enough to begin guiding – even if we ourselves never truly stop learning.


Inverted the Hierophant is Right because he is Right and you are Wrong. He’s the teacher that won’t listen to you, the person who decides to write you up even if there’s no proof you made the mistake, the worm that keeps getting promoted even though they’ve risen by grinding others into the ground.

This isn’t a Guide or a Teacher, this is some twit who stole the Important Hat and expects you to bow to him without question.

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