Afternoon Tarot: RWS 6

The Naked Trust

Loving, connecting, trusting.

Hello Bible references! They are Everywhere in this card. Adam and Eve, the Serpent, the Tree of Knowledge, the Burning Bush, Giant Angel with wild flaming hairdo, Shiny Sun Sunny-ness EVERYWHERE!

The big ticket item in this card is the lack of clothes on the humans. They’re exposed, vulnerable, helpless – there’s no hiding from the other. There’s a trust between the two of them – unspoken or otherwise – to not harm the other regardless of how bared they are.

Just as this exposure isn’t limited to the lack of clothes, the card isn’t limited to romantic Lovers either. You can be naked around someone and not be exposing anything uncomfortable. You can be in love with a job or home or routine just as deeply as you can be in love with another human.

The idea is that there is trust there. Your truest self, your best and worst – it’s been seen and known, whether you wanted it to be or not, and these people, things, routines, have stuck around regardless. These are your People. This is where you belong. Your back is GOT, and you’ve got someone else’s back in return.

Sex, love, friendships – those rare and awesome coworkers who you trust implicitly to keep things together when you go on vacation >.> The people you can play Cards Against Humanity with and still be friends afterward (No matter what variation of the game you play or even if it’s just Apples to Apples XD)

These are the ties that could survive Monopoly.

Okay, so I’m maaaaaybe getting a little ridiculous here, but you get the point. These aren’t just people who you get along with, or tolerate, or like. Blood or no, this is your family, your Home.


Oh man, ugly love is a nasty thing. This is stalker territory. This is someone who checks the odometer to see where you’ve gone for the day. This isn’t a partnership, this is abuse. These aren’t your people, and if it’s a reference to work or home then they’re likely toxic and you need to get the heck out.

Inverted Lovers may also indicate an internal issue – if the people around you are awesome and you’re quiet sure they ARE your People, then I’d recommend talking to a professional. As someone who struggled with depression for YEARS I can’t stress how important having someone to talk to (and proper medication) is. Internal Heart Rot can lead to horrible sorrow for your People – or inhibit you from finding them in the first place.

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