Afternoon Tarot: RWS 7

Chasing the Challenge

Driven, willful, sure.

The Chariot is a lot of get up go – but not recklessly or aimlessly. This is directed action – and most often it is directed at the Challenge.  The Chariot loves the challenge. There’s no need if it’s not going to be difficult – it’s not fun if everything is just handed to you.

The cart is being pulled by Sphinxes… SPHINXES for crying out loud! They’re not doing it because they want to be nice, and I doubt that they’re doing it because they’ve been tamed. There’s no reins holding them to the cart. They’re there because they’ve been convinced to be there. That’s the kind of charisma you’re dealing with regarding the Chariot.

This is the kind of energy that just drives you to bigger and better things. It compels you to be better. It’s about being ready to go, to chase those new opportunities and get your kicks on route 66.

It’s important not to confuse this with, say, teenage energy, or youthful optimism. This is surety, knowledge, experience, and probably loads of behind-the-scenes planning. The confidence that comes with knowing you’re right and not even having to waste time arguing otherwise is – assuming it’s legit and healthy – the result of amassing knowledge and working all the angles.

There is probably a mountain of failures under this guy’s belt, but you’d never know it – and likely he’d never admit it – but we learn more from failing than from succeeding. Even if failing sucks and you spend a lot of time and energy trying to avoid failing – I think the biggest lesson you can take away from this card is Strength of Will to turn those failures into lessons into successes.

The same Strength of Will that guides those sphinxes, even if you can’t see it – or rather Especially because you can’t see it.


This guy might be on top, but he’s trampled a lot of good people to get there. The fact that he hasn’t had his ass put permanently in a sling is likely due to luck vs lack of anyone trying. Doing what you want, when you want, how you want is usually a good way to lose friends, family, relationships, jobs, etc. And you’re not likely to accept that you’re at fault either.

If this pops up inverted in a reading it might be a sign that you’ve got to remove this jerk from your sphere. Or evaluate that you aren’t being the jerk (It’s hard to realize sometimes, and we often say/do a thing without realizing the consequences. ) Don’t let this wild chaotic bastard bowl you over – or cause you to trample someone else while you’re trying to get out of his way.

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