Afternoon Tarot: RWS 8

Grace Under Fire

Poised, Gentle, Assured.

The Strength card is far and away NOT about physical strength. The lion is much stronger physically than the woman holding him – yet his tail is tucked under and he submits to her. Whether she’s lounging beside him in some cards, or giving him a possible dental checkup (like in the RWS image featured in this post) there’s no strain in her body – there’s nothing physically forcing the lion’s mouth open.

This strength is strength of will, of conviction, of gentle power. This is the strength of the mother who is on her last nerve, after many sleepless nights, who probably wants to just scream, instead gently removes the scissors from their child’s hand.

The infinity symbol over her head – much like the one over the Magician’s head -symbolizes the near infinite depth of her strength. No matter what she faces she will have the strength to handle it.

This is a positive – and sometimes concerning card to see in a reading. It’s both the assurance that you WILL be able to handle and overcome whatever it is that you’re dealing with. But it can also be an unintentional warning that there is something coming that you will need that strength in order to face.

Take your breath, count to ten, and plant your feet – you got this.


Strength inverted can either mean you don’t possess the strength to deal with what’s coming – maybe you’re in a rocky point in your life, dealing with mental/physical illnesses and/or impairments, or it’s simply too much too fast.

It can mean you’re being, well, a bit whimpery and whiny and possible not really *trying*. Hey, sometimes you just don’t Want To, and I get that, but the Strength card doesn’t have time for you shenanigans and you gotta pull up and either do it, or holler out to some friends and ask for help.

It could also just mean you’re being bull-headed and squaring your shoulders against the wrong thing. Being stubborn just for the sake of being stubborn isn’t healthy.

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