A Rune Awakening: Elder Futhark – Wunjo

Wunjo – Poems

Wunjo is another one of the runes that you just have to love. It’s bright, it’s full of life and joy – joy being the key for this rune for certain.

There are a lot of references to Wunjo and joy scattered throughout Norse lore – from the Havamal to the Lay of Sigdrifa.

Joy is for one who knows little of woe,
Pains and sorrows, and to him who has
power and bliss and buildings good enough.

Joy is wide and bright and malleable and flowing. It’s warmth of hearth and heart and home – it’s that hard-to-describe snuggly feeling that wraps you up and just helps lift you.

For me Joy is my friends, my family, and my partner. It’s the purring chirp of happy kittens, the gleeful grin of being able to cover someone else’s meal or gifting a soda or some such to someone random.

Joy *can* be winning the lottery, but more often it’s when you walk past that one spot in your home, and you catch those rays of sunlight streaking across the sky painting warm colors across the clouds.

Wunjo – Reading

Wunjo in a reading is essentially dashing everything with some positivity. Even in the midst of bad and terrible and dark Wunjo is sitting there and saying “It’s not going to be that bad.”

The cold will be cold, and the dark will be dark, but with Wunjo around neither will be absolute.

Wunjo in a positive reading is just all the more assurance that things will be okay. They’ll be good, and warm, and you’ll likely walk away with extra to pass on to those having their turn in the cold.

In Relation To…

It’s important to remember that the family unit was very important to the old Norse. Granted in most cultures back in the day the family unit was the end all be all. People went to war over the ties that bound them and the blood oaths that were sworn.

So Wunjo finds a lot of its meaning in the concept of family. Now, not necessarily and not exclusively Blood Family, but in the people who’ve got your back. In the friends who make sure you get that surprise party you’ve been secretly hoping for.

So think about that when connecting Wunjo with other runes – it’s not just the joy it brings, but the source of that joy. You might not always find your warm snuggly feeling in things you have direct control over. Sometimes that warmth is going to come from being able to rely on your family – whatever shape they might take.

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