Afternoon Tarot: RWS 10

No whammy!

Full disclosure: I’ve never had the Wheel of Fortune card pop up in a reading.

That said, I can work with my initial feelings about this card as I sit here and stare at it trying to muddle out what it means. Reading Melissa Cynova’s text regarding it from Kitchen Table Tarot helps a little, but even for her it’s a vague hard-to-nail-down card.

My first hit though is that it reminds me of the Wheel of Morality from Animaniacs (yeah, some of you younger folk might have to hit up youtube on that one).
“Wheel of Morality, turn turn turn – tell us the lesson we should learn.” – and then the wheel would spit out some random sentence which may or may not have had anything to do with that particular episode.

Things might be good, they might be bad, but I believe the point of this card is that they’re still spinning – there’s nothing to say because you’re in the midst of the Thing. And honestly, you’ve got a surprising amount of control.

Maybe you’re tired and you just want to sit there and wait to see where the wheel stops, maybe you walk away and go jump in with both feet and decide where the wheel will stop. Maybe you’re getting run over by the bloody thing and if you don’t get yourself upright you’re really going to be hurting.

It could also be just as simple as “You don’t get to know right now because knowing would make it worse.”


Inverted this card is pretty much apathy. You aren’t just sitting in front of the wheel waiting for it to stop spinning because you’re tired, you’re sitting there and waiting because you don’t care.

This is the person who complains their job sucks, but despite all their skills they seem to refuse to job hunt – and worse they probably just start on an endless listless complain train of how TEDIOUS job hunting is.

Buck up buttercup – things aren’t going to change if you just sit there and bitch. Sometimes resting is the thing to do, but this is different from that, this is having the means and energy and capacity and still just not giving a hoot.

Author’s Note: In the aforementioned book Melissa admits to not really clicking with the art on the standard RWS decks for this card and the only things you’ll find similar between my take and hers is the inverted concept of this particular card.

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