Afternoon Tarot: RWS 11

True Justice

Balance, intellect, action.

Justice holds a sword in her hand, and just like the suit of swords it is a shout out to the pursuit of cold, hard, factual and intelligent justice. Much like the card, that Justice is balanced, and – while I call it cold, hard, factual, it’s only due to the lack of emotion – it doesn’t necessarily mean bad news for the reading.

The Justice card is balanced rational intellect. There’s no emotion in this card, it is about being logical and thinking things through. Make lists of pros and cons, make sure you walk through everything carefully – do your best to push your heart to the side for a moment when this card pops up.

You don’t want to dawdle with your decision, however, for Justice is also about action. If you hem and haw over things for too long, Justice might cut that baby in half before you have the chance to rescind your claim. Best to be efficient in your decision making, even if it’s a hard choice to make, because – personally – I think it’s better to make your own decision than to lounge around and deal with the aftermath of what Justice (or others) decides for you.

You’re not going to outrun her, so you might as well stand firm and face what’s coming with a plan.


Unfair, imbalanced, overly emotional.

This is the kind of Justice that is in name only. There’s nothing to back it up and it’s just calling itself Justice because it wants to.

Make sure you’re not getting swept away by someone else’s false Justice just as much as you want to be sure you’re not standing on the pretense of Justice yourself when this card comes up. One of the most difficult things we do as humans is recognize when we are wrong – that’s one* of the reasons why things like racism hold on so long after the majority of us know better – because no one wants to admit their fear was unfounded.

*Gods above there are a myriad of reasons racism is so difficult a tumor to kill completely and I am not meaning nor wanting to get into them on this post.

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