A Rune Awakening: Elder Futhark – Naudhiz

Naudhiz – Poems

The 10th rune is Naudhiz – necessity, the Norn-rune of forcing Fate from Need.

Which just from that much certainly gives a feeling of tension with this rune.

Need is nearest the breast,
yet often proves to children of men
a source of help and healing [or, omen of good]
if they heed it betimes.

Need leaves little choice;
the naked man is chilled by frost.

Need is distress of thrall-woman
and state of oppression
and hard work.

Need, Need, Need – with the exception of the Anglo-Saxon poem all the needs are met with negative results. You may need clothes because of the cold, but the cold will not produce the clothes you need. You may need to work hard to get ahead of oppression, but working hard does not mean your needs will be provided for.

Need is often what drives us, and being able to identify that need and focus on it – to even separate it from what we want – is what helps us either live the Fate we want, or defy (try to defy) the Fate we find ourselves in.

Naudhiz – Reading

In a reading Naudhiz is a need – easy enough, right? It’s a need for change, a need for a focus of energy, a need to get out from under a thing or a need to break from a rut.

More simplified, it’s a need for change.

At the same time, however, Naudhiz is also a remark toward the things that defy these needs. The Need to change is present, but it is also warning of the opposing force; of the Fate that pushes against the Need. The frustration, the constraints, the acceptance that a thing may have to be set aside so energy can be focused where it’s needed.

You ever have one of those moments where you just set your will, grit your spirit and demand the Universe bend to YOUR will? That’s Naudhiz – regardless of it you managed to go that extra mile, or if your legs gave out.

In Relation To…

In relation to other runes, Naudhiz can be more akin to saying “Okay, yes, all this, but like MORE.” More intense, more rewarding, more difficult, more persistent, more WILL.

It can also be more declarative – like “As I will so mote it be!” More of that forcing Fate into the Need. Binding the runes in the casting and making the destiny even stronger – for better or worse.

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