Afternoon Tarot: RWS 13

Inevitable Change

Time marches forward, steadily, slowly, determinedly.

Without Death there is no true passage of time, there’s no change – and that’s what the Death card is about: Change.

Slow, inevitable, unavoidable change. Change can be ugly, difficult, and you might not even be ready for it – but it’s necessary for growth. It’s required for improvement, to learn, to be better. Change is rarely easy, but it’s far better than stagnation.

The best advice when you see this card is to accept change is coming. Do your stretching, make sure you’re not planting your feet and get ready to roll with the punches. Death is armored, mobile, and Experienced – you’re not going to win this fight.

You’ve got to let go of the familiar, the comfortable, the old habits – Death will strip you down to your marrow, and chances are it will hurt. It will burn, and it may even scar – but it’ll be worth it. It may take time, but you will come out the other side better than when you started.


Death inverted is stagnation. It’s wasting time pining for the glory days when you could be doing something, anything, different. Learn a language, an instrument, do some art, change jobs, go drag your friends out to some new place and do something new.

Death inverted isn’t going to knock you out of your rut, he’s going to smash you deeper into it as he strolls over you. You’ve got more control over this than when it’s upright – Pull your ass out of the divot you may have put into your cushion of comfort and get moving before you get bulldozed deeper.

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