A Rune Awakening: Elder Futhark – Jera

Jera – Poems

Jera (YARE-a not Jer-ah) is the 12th rune in the Elder Futhark, and means Year. More pointedly the time of the year when you get the reap the benefits of all that hard work for harvest.

While Hagalaz, Naudhiz and even Isa have been beating down upon our heads, we come to the relief that is Jera. (Which in my brain I still keep saying as Jer-ah! )

Summer is called joyful, when God lets,
Holy heaven’s king – shining fruits
Be born from earth for rich and poor.

Harvest is a blessing to men;
I say that Frodhi was liberal.

Harvest is a blessing to men
And good summer
And fully ripe crops.

Jera is good times. It’s the harvest season, the abundance of life, the promise that the Wheel turns and Winter begets Spring and Summer – life may hide away for a time and the ground may grow cold, but the wheel will turn.

Jera – Reading

In a reading Jera is almost always positive. It’s the natural flow – and going with the flow is generally less stressful than raging against it. It’s the promise of slow, steady, and gentle change. There may be cold and darkness now, but the warmth and light will return.

It’s important to remember that Jera – while positive – is most certainly circular. What goes around comes around. Positivity sent out will return. Negativity sent out will return. Jera is more the wheel that turns and less the force coming around with that turn.

So good or bad, Jera is best accepted at a slow pace – too much good too fast can pass you by, and too much bad too quickly can be overwhelming. When Jera comes it is best to not allow it to spin out of control.

In Relation To…

Jera might be the rune that knocks Isa free from its stasis, the rune that helps move the cold and bring back warmth and growth. It can also be spun too forcefully by surrounding runes – Fehu, Ansuz and Thurisaz come to mind, or more to the point cause those runes to come across too quickly.

On its own Jera is good for finding your timing. Using it during meditation/trance can help you decide when to do the thing. It can help you find your personal rhythm and there is comfort to be found in knowing what beat to move by.

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