About the Site:
Quarters and Acorns earned it’s name through a guided Trance experience, thanks to a good friend of mine. I’d previously begun cultivating my own grove (safe trance space) and was still getting used to even Getting There, nevermind doing anything after that point. When said good friend guided myself and others to our perspective groves I was visited

By a Squirrel

Trying to shove two Quarters into my hands.

I don’t know why said Squirrel was so insistent on paying me, but it was the spark that started the avalanche, and mulling over that little tree-runner and its intent is what led me to realizing a couple of important things:
I enjoy divination (especially Elder Furthark Runes)
I wanted to know more kinds of divination (Tarot is EXTREMELY varied)
I wanted to be able to help guide others, or at least provide some interesting content for the random Internet Wanderer.

About the Author:
Older than 30, younger than 40 – Consistently Mistaken for 12.

I enjoy video games (anything Final Fantasy, a lot of RPGs, Zelda games, Diablo I, II, and III, some MMOs, arcades, and wierd shit on Steam), movies with martial arts, swords, explosions, elves, dragons and/or bad ass women.

Raised Christian, dabbled in Atheism, found my home in Druidry.  My love of logic and Science will tend to shine through in stuff – for some it might be ODD how I hold onto Magic and Science at the same time in the same brain and heart, but I’m sure you’ll understand after a few posts.


About the Ban Hammer:
A short warning to any would-be Trolls: Beware, here there be Dragons.