False Start, 2-card penalty?

New to the site? Start Here. Hitting the Books: Mystical Manga (left) - The World: The Fool's quest has ended. Lessons have been learned, and the preparations for a new journey are on the horizon. Now is the time to bask a little - accept the compliments, acknowledge the accomplishments. Relish a little, you've earned … Continue reading False Start, 2-card penalty?


New to the site? Start Here. You never know how much you rely on your coworkers to keep your schedule going - even outside of work - until one of them takes two weeks and a day off during the middle of capital P Projects. Whew. Well, let's get back into it, shall we? Hitting … Continue reading Movement

Steady Alert

New to the site? Start Here. After a rough week, and working the weekend, and a long week ahead of me, I decided to force myself into motion this morning to reconnect with the cards. It's not always the right call, because you don't want to over exert yourself, but I felt disconnected on a … Continue reading Steady Alert


New to the site? Start Here. Hitting the Books: Mystical Manga (left) - Three of Wands: Choices have been made and actions have been taken - the initial signs are positive, but it isn't over yet. Like the figure in the card you're essentially waiting for your ship to come in, but don't stand about … Continue reading TMI

Crap, She’s Up.

New to the site? Start Here. Whew - Ended up taking a few days off from posting. Took a small tumble at the home space (trying to avoid landing on the cat that cause me to trip to begin with) and you really don't realize the muscles you use until they're bruised to Hel and … Continue reading Crap, She’s Up.

Unrelated, Relatedly.

New to the site? Start Here. Hitting the Books: Mystical Manga (left) - Three of Coins: Remember that everyone is on the same team, working together toward the same goal. Bring your best self to the project and help facilitate smooth teamwork. Wild Wood (middle) - The Ancestor: Your instinctive spirit has felt it necessary … Continue reading Unrelated, Relatedly.

Maybe For You

New to the site? Start Here. The cards didn't seem to have anything to say to Me specifically today. The first draw I did for myself was just discombobulated. I've learned pretty quickly that means it's time for a do over. In this case, however, I was drawn to doing a drawing for someone else … Continue reading Maybe For You