Afternoon Tarot: RWS 10

No whammy! Full disclosure: I've never had the Wheel of Fortune card pop up in a reading. That said, I can work with my initial feelings about this card as I sit here and stare at it trying to muddle out what it means. Reading Melissa Cynova's text regarding it from Kitchen Table Tarot helps … Continue reading Afternoon Tarot: RWS 10

Afternoon Tarot: RWS 9

Lighting the Way Calm, Internal, Alone The solitude of the Hermit is not the kind of loneliness that aches or harms. It is the kind of quiet solitude that allows you to seek, to listen, to journey and learn. The light is strong enough to guide his steps, and dim enough to keep him from … Continue reading Afternoon Tarot: RWS 9

Afternoon Tarot: RWS 8

Grace Under Fire Poised, Gentle, Assured. The Strength card is far and away NOT about physical strength. The lion is much stronger physically than the woman holding him - yet his tail is tucked under and he submits to her. Whether she's lounging beside him in some cards, or giving him a possible dental checkup … Continue reading Afternoon Tarot: RWS 8

Afternoon Tarot: RWS 7

Chasing the Challenge Driven, willful, sure. The Chariot is a lot of get up go – but not recklessly or aimlessly. This is directed action – and most often it is directed at the Challenge.  The Chariot loves the challenge. There’s no need if it’s not going to be difficult – it’s not fun if … Continue reading Afternoon Tarot: RWS 7

Afternoon Tarot: RWS 6

The Naked Trust Loving, connecting, trusting. Hello Bible references! They are Everywhere in this card. Adam and Eve, the Serpent, the Tree of Knowledge, the Burning Bush, Giant Angel with wild flaming hairdo, Shiny Sun Sunny-ness EVERYWHERE! The big ticket item in this card is the lack of clothes on the humans. They’re exposed, vulnerable, … Continue reading Afternoon Tarot: RWS 6

Afternoon Tarot: RWS 5

Library of the Hierophant Intermediary, Teacher, Translator The Hierophant stands in fancy robes, and the Important Hat, and addresses the people before him. While only two are visible, it’s inferred that a great many more are present. The keys of knowledge are crossed at his feet, but only the most daring and learned have a … Continue reading Afternoon Tarot: RWS 5

Afternoon Tarot: RWS 4

Exemplary Emperor Calculating, aware, prepared. A strong throne, a straight back - power practically hums from this dude. He's the one making the hard calls, he's the one putting his foot down and deciding the best course of action. He takes in every detail, weighs every fact - even takes some (not much) emotion into … Continue reading Afternoon Tarot: RWS 4