Deck Reviews


PoC = Fully or partially obviously non-European People depicted.
E = Only European People depicted.
E-ish = Variable skin colors w/o being obviously PoC (like green, blue, actual white, more often faeries, mermaids, etc.)
LGBT = Fully or partially obviously non-straight depicted.
Uni = PoC + LGBT.
NH = Non-Humanoid (i.e. cats, dragons, abstract, etc.)


Rider-Waite-Smith – E
Mystical Manga – E
Pastel Tarot – Uni
Shadowscapes – E-ish
Wildwood – E, NH
Druid Craft – E
Everyday Witch Tarot – E, NH
Spell Caster’s – Uni
The Green Witch – E
Tarot Mucha – E
The Dragon Tarot – NH
Linestrider – E-ish
Santa Muerte – PoC (Maybe even LGBT – gender’s hard to determine with skeletons. YMMV)
Ethereal Visions – E

Full reviews pending, check back for updated links ^_^