Meet the Tools

If you haven’t already read the Start Here post, I recommend starting there ^_^ It’ll give you a decent understanding of my tone, the blog’s purpose, and what is and is Not tolerated ❤

Meeting The Tools – It’s important to understand what you’re working with, prior to working with it. These posts will touch on basic resources you can use, what variants there generally are available, and lastly what I work with specifically. Even if you’re not new to Divination, I think the insight into the tools and processes I use will help bring a better understanding to the daily/weekly posts:

Meeting the Tools: Elder Futhark

Meeting the Tools: Tarot RWS

Meeting the Tools: The Wild Wood Tarot

Meeting the Tools: Ogham

Meeting the Tools: Anglo-Saxon Runes

Meeting the Tools: Shadowscapes Tarot

Meeting the Tools: Mystical Manga Tarot