Afternoon Tarot: RWS 4

Exemplary Emperor Calculating, aware, prepared. A strong throne, a straight back - power practically hums from this dude. He's the one making the hard calls, he's the one putting his foot down and deciding the best course of action. He takes in every detail, weighs every fact - even takes some (not much) emotion into … Continue reading Afternoon Tarot: RWS 4

Afternoon Tarot: RWS 3

Abundant Empress Warm, nurturing, abundant. The Empress is feminine power. She is fertility, love, abundance, and growth. She's sensual, mothering, nurturing, and full of possibility. She's art and creativity, passion and life. To quote Kitchen Table Tarot directly, she is "Isis, Tara, Brigid, and Changing Woman. She's our Mother, she is the nurturer and the … Continue reading Afternoon Tarot: RWS 3

Afternoon Tarot: RWS 2

Heightened Priestess Intuition for Moons. The High Priestess is an unforgiving card. She sits straight-backed and in control. The moon at her feet and in her crown, vast spans of water behind her throne. She stares back into your soul and beckons you to look deeper within yourself. For the Harry Potter fans out there, … Continue reading Afternoon Tarot: RWS 2