Crap, She’s Up.

New to the site? Start Here. Whew - Ended up taking a few days off from posting. Took a small tumble at the home space (trying to avoid landing on the cat that cause me to trip to begin with) and you really don't realize the muscles you use until they're bruised to Hel and … Continue reading Crap, She’s Up.


New to the site? Start Here. (For those bad with play on word puns, look at today's title as Assuredly.) A good friend of mine did a tarot spread for me last night, and that knowledge is probably coloring my view of today's cards - which is fine. Just a fair warning if I seem … Continue reading As(sword)edly.

Don’t Bow Under Pressure

New to the site? Start Here. Today, for me, is one of those days where even before it properly begins you already know it's going to be A Day™ - And that's fine. They happen, sometimes in quick succession of one another, sometimes spread out sparsely for that given year. I decided since I did … Continue reading Don’t Bow Under Pressure