New to the site? Start Here. Me and Shadowscapes have developed an interesting relationship. In trying to strengthen that bond - much as I'm chagrined to even attempt to do so - I figured I'd do my draw today with just Shadowscapes. Hitting the Books: Shadowscapes (left) - Four of Cups: Introspection Shadowscapes (middle) - … Continue reading Frenemies

Paths of Light

This draw, also for a friend, went a bit sideways on me. In the last couple of years of ADF work and stepping more into Paganism and Seer stuff I've had probably two really intense experiences, including this one. I could drop a thousand words on the whys and such, but I'll save that for … Continue reading Paths of Light

And ah One, Two, Three!

New to the site? Start Here. After a full week of being sick, this morning I finally feel like I'm an acceptable ratio of snot to flesh \o/ The scratchy cough and subsequent exhaustion from coughing are still hanging about, but I fortunately work with - and in - a position that's allowing me to … Continue reading And ah One, Two, Three!

A Nice Cuppa

New to the site? Start Here. I woke up today with a sore throat and no speaking voice. That said, I'm thinking today is going to be an okay day. Hitting the Books: Mystical Manga (left) - Nine of Cups: Count your blessing, share your gratitude, and share your good fortune with others. Wild Wood … Continue reading A Nice Cuppa

A Hopeful Outlook

New to the site? Start Here. I did a little different today, I did an actual 3 card spread from a single deck, vs drawing a single card from each deck. With that in mind, I want to give a fore-warning that the cards drawn - and the art depicted on them - aren't safe … Continue reading A Hopeful Outlook

Pre-Friday Spring Cleaning

New to the site? Start Here. Hitting the Books: RWS (left) -  The Hermit: The search for answers, the be still and let me think card. It's less about being alone and abandoned and more about needing to be alone and figure something out. This strikes me as less emotional figuring out and more as … Continue reading Pre-Friday Spring Cleaning

404 – 3 Card Spread

New to the site? Start Here. Happy camel day! \o/ Hail and good morning ❤ (I didn't oversleep again so I'm doing well ^_^ ) Well - no need to beat about the proverbial bush today, let's dive in! Hitting the Books:RWS (left) - The High Priestess : Emotion, intuition, magic. The High Priestess demands … Continue reading 404 – 3 Card Spread