My First Ogham

If there's any form of divination that I'm still exceptionally new to, it's the Ogham. The Anglo-Saxon runes follow close behind, but there's a strong connection between them and Elder Futhark where I started. So it doesn't feel as distant. The Ogham draw me in, however quietly. Like the whispers of trees in an "empty" … Continue reading My First Ogham

Meeting the Tools: Mystical Manga Tarot

I struggled with purchasing this deck. I mean really, in the depths of my SOUL struggled with purchasing this deck. I had to be daft, mixing an entertainment medium like Anime with something that was - to me - serious business like Tarot? But then I realized, that I have a huge connection to Anime. … Continue reading Meeting the Tools: Mystical Manga Tarot

Logically Magical

The words seem to be banging around in my head, so I wanted to let them out. I want to take a moment to talk about How You View Divination. Or, more to the point, how I do, along with some other possibilities. I've made mention of this sort of thing in other posts, but … Continue reading Logically Magical

The Draw Before the Storm

Mostly when I speak to any of my divination tools I have a general ask of “What do you want me to know today?” It’s a great go-to – more so for the Tarot draws than a rune cast. Runes are like having a conversation with pictures. Which, as the runes are simple drawings themselves, … Continue reading The Draw Before the Storm

Meeting the Tools: Anglo-Saxon Runes

Full disclosure - much like with the Ogham, the Anglo-Saxon Runes are new to me. Unlike with the Ogham I was able to get a set that I wanted off the bat (Ogham rune sets are rare, and what I really want is a set where each piece is the corresponding kind of wood - … Continue reading Meeting the Tools: Anglo-Saxon Runes

Meeting the Tools: Shadowscapes Tarot

Where to begin? With the Shadowscapes Tarot everything feels larger than life. From the galaxy-esque backside of the cards, to the silver trim, to the structured lilt of the brush that seeped life into each image. Shadowscapes is all the Fae Courts. Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter. There needs be balance after all. Shadowscapes is … Continue reading Meeting the Tools: Shadowscapes Tarot

Meeting the Tools: The Wild Wood Tarot

I came across this particular deck a couple of times before being graciously gifted both deck and book. The art drew me in the first time I saw it, but I wasn't reaching out to Tarot at the time (I was concerned I'd lose my connection to my runes if I "cheated" on them). Then … Continue reading Meeting the Tools: The Wild Wood Tarot