Marvelous Monday

It's Monday, and man is today a big day for me all around. Without anything overtly specific on my mind I asked the cards how this day would go. (Full Disclosure there should Totally Be something on my mind, I've got a big interview today, but I'm honestly pretty zen about it so far this … Continue reading Marvelous Monday

Unrelated, Relatedly.

New to the site? Start Here. Hitting the Books: Mystical Manga (left) - Three of Coins: Remember that everyone is on the same team, working together toward the same goal. Bring your best self to the project and help facilitate smooth teamwork. Wild Wood (middle) - The Ancestor: Your instinctive spirit has felt it necessary … Continue reading Unrelated, Relatedly.

Slump Day?

New to the site? Start Here. I woke up well rested today, usually I'm hitting the snooze a couple of times and tempting the fates at ending up waking up late. And then being in a foul mood because I like having some time to myself in the morning. I mean, I also like sleeping, … Continue reading Slump Day?