Tiny but Shiny

New to the site? Start Here. I haven't drawn from my tiny RWS Radiant Deck in a LONG time, but here we go. Hitting the Books: Page of Swords: The page of swords - like the other pages - is full of energy. It's there to spare, but it's not overly focused energy. Talkative and … Continue reading Tiny but Shiny

Confidence, Dedication – Gut Check

New to the site? Start Here. Hitting the Books: Mystical Manga (left) - King of Wands: Find a good cause to give your energy and abilities to. The authority, skill, and experience are there, not being able to apply them can lead to frustration Wild Wood (middle) - Eight of Stones: There is an ability … Continue reading Confidence, Dedication – Gut Check

Serendipitous Friday – 3 card spread

New to the site? Start Here. Hitting the Books: RWS (left) - Six of Pentacles : Generosity - both spiritual and financial. To give without judgement, to accept without guilt. That if you have the means to provide, then provide. Wild Wood (middle) - Three of Bows : Nourishment from a spiritual source gives inner … Continue reading Serendipitous Friday – 3 card spread

404 – 3 Card Spread

New to the site? Start Here. Happy camel day! \o/ Hail and good morning ❤ (I didn't oversleep again so I'm doing well ^_^ ) Well - no need to beat about the proverbial bush today, let's dive in! Hitting the Books:RWS (left) - The High Priestess : Emotion, intuition, magic. The High Priestess demands … Continue reading 404 – 3 Card Spread

Positively Monday

New to the site? Start Here. No one really likes Mondays - well, unless your work schedule doesn't have you working today, then you're probably not too concerned one way or the other. It's a bit of a shame though - Mondays are about renewal. A new week of work, a new week of school, … Continue reading Positively Monday