Meeting the Tools: Anglo-Saxon Runes

Full disclosure - much like with the Ogham, the Anglo-Saxon Runes are new to me. Unlike with the Ogham I was able to get a set that I wanted off the bat (Ogham rune sets are rare, and what I really want is a set where each piece is the corresponding kind of wood - … Continue reading Meeting the Tools: Anglo-Saxon Runes

Meeting the Tools: Elder Futhark

Before we begin on this challenge of daily posting, as I work towards both teaching and learning, I thought it best to introduce you - fair reader - to the tools I'm working with. We'll start off with the Elder Futhark - 24 runes, Norse in origin and commonly believed to have been brought to … Continue reading Meeting the Tools: Elder Futhark

You Might Want to Start Here

Greetings and Salutations Internet Wanderer! Welcome to my corner of the vast pixelated Universe that is The Internetâ„¢ ! You get a few warnings about me, my style, and what I'm doing, then we'll dive into some more specific-to-this-blog details ^_^ My humor is punny, geeky, and techno-sparkly. I sprinkle it just about everywhere and … Continue reading You Might Want to Start Here