Hold Please…

RE: Friday Eve’s Embrace - diving more into the book I mentioned on Thursday, (here's the link btw Tarot Spreads: Layouts & Techniques... ) I figured I'd give one of the more complex layouts a try and see how it felt. The feel of it was good, so I'm going to share it on here - without too … Continue reading Hold Please…

Duck Duck Goose!

New to the site? Start Here. Bit of a theme lately... Hitting the Books: Knight of Wands: Kind, compassionate, engaging, ebullient. Constantly on the go and always seems to have time for everyone. The best time for someone to attack us is when we don't love ourselves, but the Knight of wands LOVES himself - … Continue reading Duck Duck Goose!

Two steps forward

New to the site? Start Here. The Hitting the Books section is going to function a little differently with this deck. The book that came with it is essentially a series of bullet-points. This isn't a bad thing, it just changes the usual tone of that section is all. Hitting the Books: Prince of Cups: … Continue reading Two steps forward

Tiny but Shiny

New to the site? Start Here. I haven't drawn from my tiny RWS Radiant Deck in a LONG time, but here we go. Hitting the Books: Page of Swords: The page of swords - like the other pages - is full of energy. It's there to spare, but it's not overly focused energy. Talkative and … Continue reading Tiny but Shiny

A Balance of Humors.

New to the site? Start Here. Before I hit the books to even begin to get an idea of the layers of meanings in these cards I'm struck with a profound sense of calm. The cards have me feeling grounded, safe, and in a good place. Hitting the Books: King of Stones - Wolf: Look … Continue reading A Balance of Humors.