Afternoon Tarot: RWS 2

Heightened Priestess Intuition for Moons. The High Priestess is an unforgiving card. She sits straight-backed and in control. The moon at her feet and in her crown, vast spans of water behind her throne. She stares back into your soul and beckons you to look deeper within yourself. For the Harry Potter fans out there, … Continue reading Afternoon Tarot: RWS 2

The Paths Before You

My morning was too hectic to relax and hit my stride to do my normal draw. However I had some time in my afternoon that doesn't happen often so I reached out to some friends and offered to do a big draw (or two) for them should they have any pressing questions. What follows is … Continue reading The Paths Before You

404 – 3 Card Spread

New to the site? Start Here. Happy camel day! \o/ Hail and good morning ❤ (I didn't oversleep again so I'm doing well ^_^ ) Well - no need to beat about the proverbial bush today, let's dive in! Hitting the Books:RWS (left) - The High Priestess : Emotion, intuition, magic. The High Priestess demands … Continue reading 404 – 3 Card Spread