It’s Go Time.

New to the site? Start Here. The Hitting the Books section is always going to be fairly informal when it comes to this deck. The information provided in the book for Shadowscapes was written by a faerie so there's not a lot of to-the-point information in it. Fortunately, Shadowscapes has little issue communicating with me … Continue reading It’s Go Time.

The Paths Before You

My morning was too hectic to relax and hit my stride to do my normal draw. However I had some time in my afternoon that doesn't happen often so I reached out to some friends and offered to do a big draw (or two) for them should they have any pressing questions. What follows is … Continue reading The Paths Before You

And Ah-Two

New to the site? Start Here. Having drawn from one deck yesterday today I decided to two draw from two. Well, I decided to do so, undecided to do it, decided to do it again, etc. I went back and forth a couple times. My initial draw was actually two cards from the Wild Wood … Continue reading And Ah-Two